At The end, Storytelling Always happens inside a frame.


At Pictury, we use the lighting, the frame, the composition and the figuration as key elements providing added value to each image, while keeping the architecture as main center piece of our works. We always take care even of all small details, emphasizing in the specific qualities of each project and creating all kind of emotions within the frame of the image.


It is really important for our customers to understand how we work, our workflow and the rules we put in practice behind the curtain. Those enable us to create astonishing images that meet the highest expectations of our customers. Our broad experience tells us that a lack of communication leads us to unexpected results and a wasting of time. Precisely for this reason, we always start the workflow with an explicative briefing before starting the creative process, so we are able to understand your project and its main needs.


We are a design studio full of creative ideas.


Pictury is a multidisciplinary team including architects, designers and CG Artists located in Seville, Spain with more than fifteen years of experience and ability to work at a global level. Our main goal is to create a comfortable workplace where every person can do his or her best enabling the development of great and creative architectural images. That is why our offices are spaces for fun and leisure where people must relax and feel at home.

Therefore our images are a forthrightly reflection of this spirit by pursuing: “an image must be as realistic and as unique, but first and foremost, it must make emotions and feelings rise up that convey us amusement, sometimes drama and even provocation or calm in order to be able to grab the public’s attention”.

  • Carlos Peña

    CEO Senior CG Artist

    The Winner of CGArchitect Architectural 3D Awards in 2004

    Co-founder of Neosmedia in 2004, he wins the 3D Award for the Best image of architectural visualization awarded by CGArchitect. After spending time working in London at Riverfilm, he returned to Spain to set up Pictury Archviz together with his partners.

  • Jose Luis Perez

    CEO Senior CG Artist / Account Manager

    Co-founder member of Pictury, CG Artist since 2005 at Neosmedia along with Jesús García, Carlos Peña and Victor Loba. He is a meticulous, organized person, with an extremely high response capacity to solve problems. He loves nature, Superheroes movies and to be surrounded by peace and quietness.

  • Miguel Fuster

    CEO Senior CG Artist

    Co-founder member of Pictury, Founder member of Arccus Design in 2007 and cgartist at Neosmedia previously. Influenced from early age by artist career. Graduate in Fine Arts at the University of Granada, he has worked as a digital sculptor, draftsman, photographer and CG Artist. He is currently a teacher of 3D Digital Design for University of Granada and School of Art and Design in Granada.

  • Raul Aibar Moreno

    Business Development Manager

    Co-founder of Pictury, with 7 years of experience in the field of architectural visualization. Football fan and Betis supporter, he likes movies, literature, philosophy and travelling whenever he can.

  • Rafa Jurado

    Senior CG Artist

    Rafa joined at Pictury in 2015 to become specialized in architectural visualization after a period of design, illustration and animation. His character is restless and curious by nature, he is always in a constant research and learning, particularly in exploring the CGI world. He is a great lover of TV series and computer games (his skills in Call of Duty deserve special mention).

  • Jesús García

    Senior CG Artist

    Since its inception, Jesús worked at Neosmedia along with Carlos Peña. After a few years as freelance, Jesús joined the ranks of Pictury as a CG Artist. He is a self-professed “a big fan of the automotive world”, F1 and MotoGP. Jesus especially likes to be up to date with the latest trends in technologies, electronic and computing. If time allows, he loves to go out to dinner and hang out with friends and family.

  • David Ruiz

    Senior CG Artist

    The Winner of CGArchitect Architectural 3D Awards in 2016

    After developing his technique as an autodidact, joined Neosmedia’s team in 2010 and later at Pictury Archviz. In 2016, he wins the 3D Award for the best image of architectural visualization awarded by CGArchitect. Motivated by the fantasy worlds and freak culture from the 90s, David addresses his efforts towards the most artistic concept of the architectural image.

  • Pablo Lorente

    Senior CG Artist.

    From Granada and having finished his Fine Arts degree, Pablo became interested in the 3D world and became part of it. He came to Pictury in 2017 where he learned everything related to architectural visualization. His cheerful and lighthearted character, makes the work much more enjoyable. Lover of the world of superheroes, TV series and video games.(He still holds the title of Ping Pong Pictury champion).

  • David Mayo

    Senior CG Artist

    After getting to know the traditional artistic disciplines at the Classic University of Fine Arts in Seville, he moved to Valencia in order to achieve a solid knowledge-base for the digital modelling. Passionate about photography, and a great admirer of art, cinema and history, devotes his spare time playing football, chess and study on technological innovations from the 3D.

  • Adrià López

    Senior CG Artist.

    3D designer from Barcelona. He started his career in Fine Arts in 2009 in Granada, where he discovered and developed his passion for photography, drawing and sculpture. Concluding his degree, he went more in depth into the digital world, attending the Design and Production 3D course at ‘’Estación Diseño’’ School in the same city. He is part of Pictury since 2017 and has managed to specialise in architectural visualization.

  • Fran Aviles

    Senior CG Artist.

    In 2017, Fran joined Pictury as a young attractive architect from Granada, with little knowledge of 3D, which today has increased to over 9000.
    His humour may not be your cup of tea but he is a good guy in the end.
    (Nowadays he is just an architect)

  • Carlos Costa

    Head of Comunication and Mid CG Artist

    After finishing his studies in Archaeology, Carlos studied 3D animation for videogames yet through his passion for Photography he got interested in Architecture. Combining the best of both disciplines, he self specialised in Architectural Visualisation, a professional career that started with a nomination on the student category in the prestigious CGArchitect 3D Awards. In his free time, Carlos enjoys camping, rock climbing and going for hikes in nature where he often finds inspiration for his work.

  • Cristobal Quesada

    Mid CG Artist

    After studying computer engineering in Tenerife, he studied a master’s degree in 3D design in Granada. He has worked as a videogame and advertising designer until he came to Pictury at the end of 2019 to specialize in architectural visualization. He is passionate about comics, music, cinema and sneakers.
    – “Life is what happens while you wait for the render”-.

  • Albert Neira

    Marketing and Project Manager

    ”After growing up around the world, his passion for art guided him to earn a place in the CG industry. Creating and maintaining relationships with worldwide clients, is truly his most valuable attribute thanks to his fluidity in various languages and amicable soft skills. A friendly down to earth approach has unlocked many networking possibilities over the years that remain relevant until today. ”

  • Eva Gutierrez

    Junior CG Artist

    ‘After working as a graphic designer, Eva started in the CG world studying to be a 3D generalist. She then decided to specialize in this field and studied for a master’s degree in architectural visualization. She always pays special attention to details and is very decisive at work. She is a great lover of videogames and everything related to technology.’

  • Javier López

    Junior CG Artist

    After some years working as an architect and attaining some experience in Scottish lands, Javier returned to Spain to study architectural visualization. Always finding ways to be out of his comfort zone, he defines himself as a self-disciplined and a committed person. In his spare time he studies about technology, marketing and personal growth. He also loves football and padel.

  • Laura Domenech

    Junior CG Artist

    After graduating from her Architectural degree, she continued to develop her skills in the field of architecture visualization as it boosted her creativity and artistic aspirations. Lover of photography and cinema, her greatest passion is to travel with her camera and discovering new places around the world.

  • Curro Rodriguez

    Junior CG Artist

    Architect specialist in innovation and design, whose passions rely in art and photography, triggered him to enter the CG’s world. Sports lover, especially basketball, has been practicing for 15 years and plays as point guard.